Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exhibit Dates Changed

The upcoming exhibit of Middle Tennessee samplers at the Polk Presidential Hall in Columbia, TN, has been rescheduled to open on December 17, 2010, and continue through April 10, 2011. Janet, Tom, and I are all working--frantically might not be the right word--very, very hard to make this show visually appealing.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the samplers that will be featured in the exhibit:

1850 Alice Louise Bauguss


Julie said...

Congratulations on this exhibit - Becky and I are hoping to come see it some time... will you be doing any special events with it, like lectures or a seminar?


Jennifer said...

Hi Julie,

Yes, we will have special events. We will have an opening with a gallery talk for certain, and then we also hope to have some beginners' classes. The Polk Home has a lecture series called "Polk's America," and each of those lectures will be related to the exhibit. We are just trying to get it all up now and will think about the scheduling after Christmas! Oh, and we will have a short gallery guide (8 pages) that will be for sale for a nominal fee. I will post details about all of this when it's finalized. Let me know when you all are coming!


Julie said...

Great - we will wait to see when things are and I know we definitely want to "come see", so will let you know before we come...