Saturday, August 9, 2008

Documentation Day in East Tennessee

1845 Minerva E. Carmack
Hawkins Co.
13 3/4"V x 10 1/2"H © TSS 217

Hawkins County, in northeast Tennessee, was founded before Tennessee was incorporated as a state. The Rogersville area was settled beginning in 1775. This early settlement accounts for the significant percentage of samplers that we have found from Hawkins County (five of 30 East Tennessee samplers/embroideries to date).

Minerva E. Carmack stitched that she was "Aged/17.ys" in "May/1845" in the space around the house.


libby said...

It is great to see your documentation of these important pieces of folk art!

Best wishes,

Libby Tucker

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Libby!


~mj~ said...

You have won an award...See my blog for details please!